$56 electric bill continued

Good morning!  I am drinking my coffee and writing this blog.  The sun is shining and the dogs are moving. It is a very beautiful day here.  I have to say the weather did have something to do with our electric bill.  We had one freeze since November.  Not good for the bugs and such, but great for the electric bill.

I went over the conversion to LED and CFL light bulbs and the screen door added to my sliding glass door yesterday.  Today, I am going to revisit a couple of older blogs because these two items have helped save us money on the electric bill. I wrote a previous blog concerning the Canopy we set up on our patio. The post is called The Canopy that could.  In that post there were various reasons we put that canopy up.  For purposes of this post I will discuss the saving energy reason.

You can sort of see the sliding glass door there.  You really can’t tell how big it is. It is huge.  It is 96 inches wide and it faces the east.  When the sun is up it causes the main living area to heat up at least 10 to 15 degrees.  During the summer, when I have to use the A/C to cool the house, this makes cooling the house that much more difficult.  There are different ways to block the sunlight, but we didn’t want to totally block the light and we had other reasons to purchase the canopy.

If you don’t have a big patio that you can place a canopy on, you can do a few other things.  You can get sun blocking blinds, You can purchase light blocking drapes. You can also add a film  to the glass that darkens the glass and blocks the light.  We seriously thought about the film before spending the money on this canopy.  I have attempted putting film on glass before. I just don’t have the patience or the ability.  The film was bubbly and just looked terrible. That was on a 12 x 15 inch piece of glass. Just think how bad of a job I could do on this!  Each of these ideas would accomplish the same thing, lessening the amount of sun heating your house and making the A/C work harder.

Another thing I mentioned in a previous blog is my night light.  Our 2 dogs sleep in our room and they lay anywhere they please.  Getting up and going to the bathroom in the dark is a little dangerous for the pups when we can’t see them.  I was using a little electric candle light as a night light.

Blue, he loves the bathroom floor.

Courtney, just never knows where to sleep.

Yep that is an outdoor solar light.  I put this in my master bath when I go to bed at night. We also have a small one in the hallway instead of using the stove hood light as a night light.  Now this is a pain when you have to wake up and take this outside for the light to recharge the batteries in the morning.  I tried putting this in our bathroom window, which faces due east, but that just didn’t fully charge the battery.  We will be purchasing a few more so that we can leave a few outside to charge while using one. In this way one is always charged.  This works when there is a power outage and it is not an overpowering light.

It seems that this whole post is based on previous blogs, but these are ideas that have worked for us.  Tomorrow, I will continue with a few more ways to save on your electric bill.  Some ideas are may be a little far fetched for you, but there are blogs written by people that no longer use electric lights.  They really just use these solar lights  and larger solar lights for their homes.  It is just one more way to be creative living!


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