An Easter Post

Good Morning!  I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful day.  No pictures today, just a small menu.

We are having ham as this is traditional in my house.  We no longer have our son’s beloved German shepherd to eat the bone, but I have found the bones makes a very rich broth for soups and such.  Today’s dinner is pretty easy.  I bake a basic ham.  No glaze, no pineapple or cloves.  My family seems to just enjoy plain ham.

My dinner

To start with, as I am never ready when I think I should be, we will have chips and salsa, onion dip and chips, and spinach dip with tortilla chips.  The main course will be ham, horseradish mashed potatoes, asparagus (plain not fancy), broccoli casserole, dinner rolls, gravy for the mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cheesecake w/pecans, cinnamon, and brown sugar, red velvet cupcakes, and cookies shaped like nests with chocolate eggs for the kids. I also have a very nice Moscoto  chilling in the fridge.

It is a very simple, but fulfilling dinner.  Please share with me what you are doing with your dinners! 

I want to share what I made my 2 granddaughters for Easter.  I thought they were cute.

Just a plain chocolate cookie with cream cheese frosting.  I should have used a chocolate frosting, some Hershey eggs and some Peeps.  Pretty cool.  They ate them for those two that is praise indeed!  🙂


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