Attempting normalcy.

I got home a week ago yesterday. I am not even sure what normalcy  really is at this point.  I got home and the following Friday my son got married and moved in the same weekend.  We are dog sitting one of their dogs, who used to be one of my dogs.  We are looking forward to Easter.  I am still searching for a job and my husband is freaking out over his job and the reason I went to Detroit in the first  place.  I guess this is my reality and normal for our lives.

The reason for the trip is still going on and keeps causing mischief in our lives.  All I can tell you about it is we started a business that we know nothing about because my mother in law is an expert in the field.  She told us how people with enough money can make this work without moving and doing everything or even knowing anything about the business.  We joined with my brother in law, mother in law, a “friend of my mother in law”, and my husband. The old adage don’t go into business with family is very true.  I tried to convince my husband not to, but he felt that “his” family would never cause us harm.  Now 5 years later we know that when it comes to money, to some people, money is thicker than water.  Of course the business has failed and we are in the process of trying to sell it.

This blog came into being because I lost my job as I have stated, but also because of the harm going into business with family based on one person’s expertise has caused.  We lost our house, had to go bankrupt, and have had to relearn how to survive in life.  A trip like the one I just went on would have cost so much more because I would never have stayed at anywhere less than a Holiday Inn.  I would say to some extent I was a travel snob.  I would have ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at fast food restaurants or better.  Each gas station stop would have been a water and soda stop.  The trip to Charleston would have been eating at a nice restaurant (and there were many!) and  mementos would have been purchased.  The trip home and stop at the Cocoa Tree would have had many more bonbons bought and I would have purchased a couple more bottle of wines at the Georgia Winery.

I forgot to mention the fact that I stopped in Georgia at one of the outlet malls.  My sandal had broken and I needed a new pair of shoes. My daughter Heather had tried to get me to purchase a pair of Nike sandals because they were $24.99 and the sporty style I love. Comfy too.  I declined as mine were still functioning despite the fact that they were uncomfortable.  I went to every discount shoe place at the outlet mall.  I found one that had a pair of Purple/gray Nike sandals. According to the sign the “special” price was $29.00.  This pair was on sale for $19.99.  I purchased them.  They are awesome shoes, but I must warn you, just because it is an outlet mall does not mean it is a good deal.  The retail price tag on the shoes said $28.  So the store I was at listed them as a special deal for a $1 more than the suggested retail price tag.

mine are purple and gray

I guess what I am trying to say is living creatively is easier and more convenient than we think.  It just takes a little thinking out of the box and some organization.  I took a large cooler and a smaller cooler.  The large cooler held all the water and soda with some well sealed yogurt,  The smaller cooler held the lunch meat, cheese, mustard, and a few waters and 1 soda. 

The Econolodge and Quality Inn were just as clean and comfortable as a Holiday Inn, despite my preference.  If I was to stay for a couple of days in one place than I would have looked for a place with a kitchen too. The extra step of using Gas Buddy helped cut gas costs.  I still had fun and did not feel deprived of any or all extras as I included them as cheaply as I could.  That is the goal of creative living.  Do as much of what you enjoy without spending incredibly large amounts of cash while doing it. 

I am home now catching up from the trip.  The let down that comes inevitably from any trip set in and my laundry is just now getting done.  The dining room table is still a mess and the kitchen just keeps getting dirty, my dogs need baths and I have finally caught up on my sleep.  The energy cutting that we had started since January is something I am attempting to get back in the groove.

Here is a list of links to the websites I found helpful:

When you travel how do you creatively live while on a budget?  Drop me a comment I am always open to new ideas!

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