Coming home! The Cocoa Tree, Jacksonville, and home!

Day 6 started with a slow burning fuse.  Not really, just mother daughter issues.  They ended well and I got to have the last of the decent coffee on my way home.  I felt the most rested that I have since starting the trip.  I got to hug the boys good bye and head home to my little place of peace.

Heather and the boys were in a hurry to get out as the boys had Doctor appointments.  I made my coffee and got in the car and drove.  I had to get ice and gas.  Plus I was thinking about breakfast.  Got to Peducah Kentucky for gas and ice.  While in the station I got another cup of coffee.  The ice was $2 and coffee $1.50.  Then I headed out.  Found a rest stop, ate yogurt with oatmeal, craisens, and walnuts.  Very filling and was free.  It was also very yummy.  Then I just drove.

My youngest daughter had visited a place called the Cocoa Tree in downtown Nashville. It was ranked in one of those surveys of the places with the best hot chocolate in the country.  She raved about this place.  It was one of those things that got added to my itinerary on this trip.  That was my next stop.

The Cocoa Tree is in the Germantown part of Nashville.You should check this link out . The GPS made it super easy to find.  Parking was a little harder, but well worth finding

The images may end up removed but I hope not. This place was awesome!

From the quaint exterior you know you are in for a treat!  Once you walk into the cafe your senses are delightfully made happy. The air is cool as for the protection of the chocolate.  The smell of chocolate is not overwhelming, but welcoming.  Kind of like walking into the kitchen after sledding or skiing and hot chocolate and brownies are being made. But brownies these are not.

The lighting is dim, because it is early, the air is cool and the smell is heavenly!

The bonbons are $2.25 each and worth every penny.  I purchased one banana foster bonbon and one of Renee’s chile pepper bonbon.  Oh my!  The banana foster was okay.  But one nibble into the Renee’s chile pepper made me ask banana who?  I was in nirvana!

Unfortunately I was there in the summer so they were not making hot chocolate. They did make this wonderful concoction called the Frozen Cocoalato.  It tasted of dark chocolate and cream.   The whipped cream on top was so good and just topped off a great drink.  Considering how good the Cocoalato was I am betting the hot chocolate is to die for.

That was the end of the special stops until Jacksonville Florida. The directions I printed off took me to Savannah Georgia.  I stopped just outside of Savanna at a Quality Inn.  It was clean, and decently priced.  My room was on the first floor and I was able to park right outside of it.

I woke up at 8:30 on Day 6.  I was pretty tired after getting into the hotel after 10pm.  This trip was exhausting!  My GPS took me 10 miles out of my way as I was trying to find coffee.  I found this little gas station (my biggest mistake) and bought cappuccino.  It was awful.  I was so tired I bought a stale pop tart.  Looked ahead and found a Dunkin donuts on the other side of the road about a quarter of a mile away.  I drove all until I found a gas station on I95 and headed to see my youngest daughter.  It felt so good seeing her!  I got to spend an hour with her and Jack, her fluffy, black cat.

On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.  I just couldn’t wait to get home.  It took 3 more hours, but Palm Bay here I am!  Made it with less than 10 minutes before my husband had to go to work.  All in all I just wish I could have taken it a lot slower.

I would completely recommend going to Charleston and seeing the French Protestant/Huguenot church.  It is a beautiful site and Charleston is such an amazing city.  The Cocoa Tree is a place to get wonderful, top of the line, chocolate.  I really could sit around and eat bonbons all day if they were these.  I hope to get up there again during the cold weather so I can have another of Renee’s Chile Pepper Bonbon and a cup of hot chocolate.

I forgot to mention a winery that I found very inviting and good for those of us Wine newbys.  The Georgia Winery is just outside of Chattanooga, TN.   The shop is just off of I75 in Ringgold Georgia.  I bought, after trying, the Southern Sangria.  A little on the sweet side, but the wines here are award winning.  The shop is a great place to stop and take a few minutes to try a few wine samples and shop.  Check out the link to this great place


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