Days 4 and 5 I can see the end of the trip coming! There is light in the tunnel

As I told you on the previous post, when I woke up on Day 4 I had no idea what I was going to be doing.  My brother in law never returned my calls, my mother in law messed up two of the most important things I needed and Chris was no help at that point.  I decided to eat breakfast with mom and dad, then go visit two of my friends from high school. If course the main topic of conversation for me was the reason I drove all that way.  I’m kind of getting tired of it.

On my way to see the second of my friends, Chris calls and tells me to head for Indy as I had to meet up with my Brother in law.  Luckily for me he is a truck driver and knew where to meet up. Plus I had my handy dandy GPS to get me to my daughter’s house.  I stopped at a Wendy’s and ate inside a half of a chicken, apple pecan salad.  I spent $6 approx.  on the half salad and a drink.  That is all I spent the whole day.  Pretty cool huh?
I finally got to my daughter’s home. My eldest grandson refused to eat dinner until I got there and the youngest one was waiting in the window of the house looking for me!  It was so good to see them.  Luckily for me they have no internet (can’t get it where they live) and I could do nothing on the computer.  We watched tv until it was bed time and I was out.
Day 5 I woke up and used my coffee maker, and ate my oatmeal. We packed sandwiches for later and went to the park for the day.  I pushed the boys on the swings and walked a good mile in my bad for walking shoes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Later we went to a place called Chills for frozen yogurt.  What an awesome place!  They have 31 flavors of frozen yogurt, lots and lots of toppings.  You can get as much as you want, as many flavors as you want, and it was awesome.  The place was packed.  Now I bought everyone yogurt and that was $15.00.  Then Heather wanted to get pizza.  The pizza was really good too.  One thing they know up north is how to make great pizza!
We played bowling on the Wii, watched a movie and went to bed exhausted.  The next morning is day 6 and I will be heading home at 8am.  I have to say that day 5 was my favorite day of all.  The slower pace was just what I needed.
Now when you thing about the cost of food I spent $62 for 5 days on the road. Now that includes coffee, pizza for my parents and frozen yogurt for 4. I don’t think that is so bad.  Much more than I wanted to spend .


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