Days 2 and 3 of the crazy trip

Once the first day was over things settled down to a simmer with this crazy trip.  That second morning I woke up and had to purchase coffee as the hotel breakfast did not look appetizing and there were no microwaves in sight.  Looking over my receipts I just purchased a small coffee and put gas in my car.  I ate one of my yogurts.  I stopped at Meijer in Perrysburg and bought a hair thing along with a shamrock plant for my mom.  I also got garlic! They had 2 pounds for $2.  The garlic bulbs looked great and I was thrilled with the savings.  I also have to say the produce section in the stores up there make the ones around here look sad.

I went to the Wood County Probate Court to get a copy of our marriage license as I will need that in a couple of months for my drivers license renewal.  The GPS could not find Wood County.  It found Lucas (Toledo) and every other County within 60 miles, but not Wood county.  Good thing I printed off driving directions from Google.   I had called ahead and they had the record waiting for me!  It took longer to walk up the stairs than it did to pick up my marriage license!  Incredible!

By now I am back on the road again.  Drove to Farmington Hills to see a lawyer, locked my keys in my car.  Yes I did!  Good thing I had added road side assistance from Geico to my auto policy.  They were quick and pleasant to deal with.  Headed to Troy Michigan and completed the reason for my trip.  It took longer than I hoped and I had to stay in Troy overnight.  I have to say that Tricia and Paige were wonderful.  It gave me hope that at some point I can have a relationship with at least one of my sister in laws.

The third day was spent driving to Holland Michigan. and then Berrien Springs.  I went to my sister in laws office to pick up more stuff and then headed to my parents home it Berrien.  That went better than expected to. Of course panic had been setting in with the reason I was up there with in the 2 hours I took to get from Holland to Berrien Springs.  I had to quell fires. It kind of sucked.  When I woke up I didn’t know if I was driving back to Detroit or if I was going to head to Illinois.

Feeling very rebellious I went and spent time with a couple of friends from my school day on the fourth day.  That was wonderful!  I ignored my phone and just relaxed.  The time was way to short, but I am very happy to have found these wonderful friends again.

On the third morning, I left the place I was staying as quickly as possible.  I did purchase a coffee and donuts for breakfast. My lunch was left over salad that my sister in law purchased for me. When I got to Berrien I wanted to buy dinner for my Dad.  One more way to suck up to him. lol.  Mom ordered a Roma’s pizza for us.  It was pretty good.  Less greasy than I remember.

I think I spent $21 for food that day.  It was the only day that I planned on eating out.  So far I think I have spent $41 due to coffee and food by the end of day 3.  That is $13.67 per day.  All because I couldn’t sleep the night before and I was exhausted.  It was terrible.  I still haven’t used my coffee maker and truck stop cappuccino is gross. Although Love’s and Pilot’s Truck Stops have really good regular coffee.  At Loves I got a Brazilian blend that was so smooth and tasty I was shocked.  The Colombian blend at the Pilot I stopped at was nearly as good.

If I subtract the $15 for the pizza I am down to $8.67 per day on food.  I am still not happy, but it does put into perspective the cost of getting things at gas stations. 

I think my favorite place to stop as a single woman traveling were the truck stops.  Lots of lighting and people.  I could sit and return text messages and phone calls without freaking people out, plus no one noticed the mess in the rear of my Jeep.


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