Hair spray ink remover.

I am taking a break from talking about my “vacation” to talk about a miracle cure for ink stains.  I will write another day about the trip.

Have you ever washed clothes only to find an ink pen broken in the washer?  I mean, you searched the pockets of your husbands pants and shirts and removed every offending item only to wash the clothes and find an empty pen in the washer.  This happened to me just before I left for the trip from crazy land.  My husband wears uniforms. It is really hard to get replacement uniforms too.

I washed all of his work clothes together as I have told you in the past.  I checked each and every pocket and found nothing.  I run the washer, put the clothes in a basket to hang on the line.  I am hanging up his shirts and find this big ole ink spot on ONE shirt.  I set that aside and finish hanging up the rest of his clothes to dry on the line.  I quietly freaked (very difficult but I did it).  Then brought it in the house.  The only pretreatment I use is Tide pretreatment.  I have looked into a different kinds of home made pre treaters, but haven’t looked into it seriously. Mainly because it’s only the 2 of us and we rarely have that many stains.

The tide Pre treater just caused the ink stain to get runny and went onto other spots of his shirt.  Then I googled.  The number one item that popped up was hair spray.  Now that I have!  I put down some paper towels under the spots.  Sprayed hair spray onto the stains.  Then blotted with more paper towels.  I repeated until there were no more ink coming off onto the paper towels, both on top and underneath.  Then I sprayed the spots with Tide Pre treatment spray.  I washed as per normal and was completely amazed.  Shocked I say!  There were no more ink spots!  I saved a shirt.  It was such an accomplishment to me.

Never fear ink stains again.  Just make sure you have your handy dandy hair spray close by!


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