Vacation that never was.

My last post was concerning how I was going to save money on vacation.  Well this was not a vacation, but a speeding bullet of a trip! I stuffed as much fun into the drive, but it was not all that fun.

My preparations for the trip were awesome.  My goals were attainable. The follow through not so much.  This trip was not a pleasure trip.  It was a messy disaster that needed to be cleaned up.  The three days prior to leaving I barely slept due to stress.  My plan was to leave at 3:30am on Wednesday and drive to Charleston, South Carolina and ending up in Perrysburg, Ohio for the night.  Day 2 was to be spent in Detroit and end the night in Holland, Michigan.  Day 3 was to be spent in my home town visiting my parents and a couple of my friends.  Day 4 was to be driving to Carterville, Illinois to visit my daughter and Grandsons.  Day 5 was to be spent with them and Day 6 was the first day of the drive home.  By day 7 I would be traveling home and get to sleep in my own bed.  This was pretty close to how it worked out. 

The preparations were pretty well done.  I mapped out the best route for all of the trip using Google maps.  I spent days working on the best route with the least mileage and gas usage.  I made lists of every food, article of clothing, and electronic device I would need.  The night before I left I topped off my tank with gas, got ice for the cooler, packed everything I could think of.  I then went on Gas to find where I should purchase gas on the trip.

My plan was to use the french press to make coffee, use the oatmeal for breakfast and use yogurt with protein powder for dinner, and make sandwiches for lunch.  I took 2 cases of water, 3 2lts of Dr. Pepper 10, and a 24 pack of Diet Pepsi.  I had the radar detector, the GPS, the map, and a folder with all of the print outs ready to go. I took fruit, and fruit cups for snacks.  Healthy right?   To bad I didn’t follow through. Oh and I brought 2 CD books full of CDs.

Tuesday night I go to bed at 11pm. I knew I had to be up at 3am to leave.  The Jeep was already packed and ready to go.  I just needed to get dressed and go.  I woke up at midnight, 1am, 2am, then Chris came home, flipped on the kitchen light and that was all she wrote.  I got up and spent some time with him before I left.  I knew I would have to buy coffee on the way and discipline was all I needed.  I made it an hour from my home and needed to get coffee.  I actually spent close to $20 on coffee and stuff to help me stay awake on the drive that first day.  Now, I have to say the combination of driving glasses, coffee, and sunflower seeds did a lot to help me stay awake. They just couldn’t fight the lack of sleep from the last few nights prior to me leaving. 

The links that I used that would be wonderful for any and all who are taking road trips are as follows: 
This was awesome.  On the trip I had one of my places to go to that the GPS didn’t work for.  For some reason Wood County Ohio doesn’t exist on my GPS.  By printing out the directions I was able to find the Probate Court in Bowling Green Ohio to get a copy of my marriage license.  This worked great until I had to make a couple of detours.  Now the ap that can be applied to your phone would make this wonderful.  I don’t have an android phone so I can’t do this.  The unfortunate thing was the morning after I planned my trip gas prices were up 10 cents from what they said on Gas Buddy the previous day.  I still followed it because it was a guide and the places it told me to go to were the best priced in the area.

Tomorrow I will continue concerning how the first day went of the vacation that never was.


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