Crazy, crazy month

Has anyone else noticed how crazy the weather is?  I mean we had one freeze all year and spring is upon us already?  My parents have told me how warm it is in Michigan.  

I have to tell you my posts will be hit or miss for a while.  I have been crazy busy this month and it is ending just as busy.  Last Thursday my eldest daughter came and spent the day with us.  Friday was the grocery day.  Saturday we went to a wedding in Daytona Beach.  Sunday I spent the day in Winter Park with my daughter, her maid of honor and her mother.  We ate brunch and walked the art festival until it was time for my daughter’s maid of honor to try on dresses.  I had a lot of fun and just love Winter Park.  Today is a quiet one.  I have lots of laundry and cleaning to do before I leave for Michigan. 
I’m leaving my wonderful husband in charge of the garden and pets while I am gone.  We will have to see how he does.  My to do list is long so I will leave you with all of this.  Tomorrow I will write about how I am going to make this a creative, fun time with very little money, at least to me.  I am very easily amused!

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