Rain Rain finally go away!

The day my parents left should have been a celebration day.  It most definitely was not.   My mother decided to give me a parting guilt trip before she left, my dad hasn’t spoke to me since he left and my mother in law dropped bomb after  bomb on us at 3:25 pm the same day, I should say her minions did because she would never do it herself. 

Besides all of that it has rained or looked like rain nearly every day.  This past weekend the weatherman (or should I say weather person?  I guess Meteorologist is better.)  said that Saturday had a 40% chance of rain and Sunday had 20%.  I put off doing my laundry until Sunday.  I hang all my clothes out on a line to dry so I didn’t need rain  to mess my life up.  Sunday morning I get up bright and early, even with Daytime Savings Time change, to start my laundry and it is pouring outside.  I mean pouring!  I was waiting for the cats and dogs to come out of the sky.  The wind was blowing my poor canopy around and it rained.  It didn’t just rain in  the morning, until lunch or even until early evening.  Nope, it rained from AM to PM without stopping.  I washed an emergency load of undies to get me through.  Even using my dryer.  For shame! 

It really got me thinking about the post I wanted to write about hanging clothes out on the line.  You see I have put this off because I just did.  I have used a clothes line the majority of my life.  My parents lived in the country and we always had a clothesline.  We also had old wringer washers, but that is a whole different story.  No, I am not that old!  We had a farm in Michigan and I had the greatest clothes line.  Even our first house here in Florida had a clothesline.  I decided to just give you some pros and cons concerning utilizing a clothes line.

Right side quilt my mom made.

Top reasons to hang your clothing out on a clothes line. 

1.     It is basically free.  You pay for the clothesline and clothes pins.  You use whatever gadget to  put the line on that will hold very heavy towels and you are set. 

2.     It saves $$$$$  You don’t have to use your dryer very often. 

3.     It is environmentally friendly.  No energy used to make the dryer work. 

4.     Your clothes smell fresh and clean.

5.      Depending on the stain and the fabric the sun will help remove stains.  The best example are cloth diapers.  They get stained and you wash them, but the stain is still there.  Just hang them out in the sun for a few hours and the stain goes away or lessens in intensity. 

6.     It is great exercise.  Lets face it all that bending and pulling is good for your body.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the drawbacks to hanging laundry on the clothes line. 

1.     Your neighbors will see your undies.  Yep I said it! 
2.     If you live in a smoggy area then the air may make your clothes smell or look bad. 
3.     Rain, Rain, Rain
4.     The towels and jeans are very stiff even when using fabric softener.

Now unless you live in a very small area and don’t have a washer you can overcome the majority of these issues.  You could just not hang the undies or hide them on the line behind a bush.  You can utilize an indoor drying rack for most of your clothes.  I would also use a fan to circulate air if you do decide to use the drying rack.  After this weekend I would LOVE a drying rack!  The dryer rack would really take care of numbers 2 and 3. 

As for the stiffness in towels and jeans, I run those clothes through the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes a load.  To  my way of thinking this is acceptable.  A normal load runs my dryer 70 minutes.  It takes a little over 3 loads to equal the normal amount of time for a single average load. 

Now that it is just Chris and I, laundry will go back to normal.  This means washing the towels first and whites next. Take the towels and whites that are towels or rags and dry them together in one load.  Then wash Chris’ clothes and then mine.  I then put them in the dryer together with the whites that were clothing and that is a dryer load.  This way I spend 40 minutes at the most of dryer time.  I won’t even spend the time it takes an average load to dry and dry 4 loads of wash.   That saves me money and the electric company doesn’t have to make the energy it took to dry 4 average size loads of laundy, plus it makes the environment happy.

We have a very busy time in front of us.  We are spending the day with our oldest daughter tomorrow.  Saturday, our son’s best friend who is just like a son to us is getting married.  Congrats to Jeremy Russell and his bride to be!  Sunday I will be in Orlando bridesmaid dress shopping with our oldest daughter and her maid of honor.  Wednesday I will be heading north to Detroit for a whirl wind trip to get some things accomplished.  I won’t be back until the following week.  I plan on taking pictures and posting as I go.  Maybe I will even make notes of how I save money for this trip.!  Our son is getting married the end of this month and whew that is it for the month. 

Have a great night all!   Any ideas or comments are so appreciated!



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