Free night light

Well folks, I have got to tell you all a crazy thing.  I have a husband who is working on getting our electric bills as low as they can go.  Limbo anybody?  We have invested in solar panels, a canopy to block sunlight from entering our home, and a bunch more things that I will eventually write about. 

He came to me with  a nutty idea.  Well at least to me it was nutty.  I have a kitchen light that I leave on all night long (or at least until he gets home from work) and a little electric candle that flickers in my bathroom.  I don’t want to trip over the dogs when attempting to find the toilet in the dark.  He thought it would be a good idea to use a solar light in the bathroom.  The only cost would be the solar light and whatever I used to make a stand.  Now I am up for anything so I said let’s try it.  What did we have to lose?  The solar light could be used outside or as emergency lighting in case of a power outage.

We went to Home Depot and bought a light that was supposed to be 2x brighter than average.  It cost about $5.  We set it outside to charge.  Placed it in our room at dark and it lasted half the night. I was not impressed.  At least I didn’t have to use the bathroom in the dark, but still it was the idea of it not working.  Chris then decided to change the battery out in the solar light.  He claimed that the batteries that come with the light when you buy it stinks.  We went back to Home Depot to buy a new battery.  They wanted $3 for one solar battery.  My ingenious husband had read recently that all batteries recharge so he decided to buy a Duracell battery and see what happens. 

We changed out batteries, set the light out in the yard getting sunlight and getting recharged.  That night we brought it back into my bathroom and the light lasted all night long!  That was 2 weeks ago and it still is working!  I decided that I could not handle this solar yard light just sitting on my bathroom counter.  I searched until I found a candle stand and made a sort of cute holder for the solar light. 

 We started with a stand.  I had one sitting in a cupboard for ages.  I then took Styrofoam  that came in some boxes and cut to the correct size.  I cut 3 pieces of styrofoam.

 I then glued each piece one on top of the other and let set for a couple hours.

 I then used the bottom of the solar light to cut a hole through the styrofoam.

 The work took longer than I planned because Mr. Kitty decided he needed some him time.

I then cut wrapping paper to fit the styrofoam.

 I glued the paper and let each side dry for about 20 minutes.  Then I cut a hole in the paper to make a place for the solar light to sit.

 The finished project.  Now there are many other ways to do this. I threw this together as a quick fix.  If you think this is a good idea I would love to hear how you would have done this.

Now just to let you know this was fairly easy.  It took a solar light, a small stand, scissors, glue sticks, wrapping paper, and styrofoam.  A knife was also needed to cut the hole.

I said I thought my husband was crazy, but this really works.  The great thing is that the bathroom is facing east with a window bringing enough light to charge this daily. I simply place this in the window and it charges until dark.  It is much brighter than the old flicker light.  I can see really well with it.  We are attempting to use a small light in our hallway too.  This is a bit more difficult as there is not natural light in the hallway.  In this case I simply take the light to the kitchen (which also faces east) and place it in the window there.  Chris has enough light to see his way through the house in the dark and we don’t pay for the electricity to run the lights as there is no electricity being used.  So I have to say I am impressed.  I guess I shouldn’t discount Chris’ ideas all that quickly. 


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