Spring Training at the Grapefruit League

Good Morning to you all!   My house is my own as of right now.  Mom and Dad just left and I think I sent Father/Daughter relations back 29 years.  I learned so much about my relationship with both of my parents.  Some good some bad, but I learned that I have to be a whole less expecting of change from my dad.

That being said, we had such a good time yesterday. The Nationals lost 10 – 2.  The weather was sunny, windy, and 66 degrees.   I took lots of pictures to share.  This was a cheaper way to spend the afternoon watching a major league team and lots of fun.  I saw an older lady in front of me who brought her own peanuts in a sandwich bag.  A woman after my own hearts  We didn’t spend a huge amount as my mom paid for the tickets.  We paid for the soda, french fries, beer. and Chris got a hat.  Since he feels naked without one we splurged for a decent one.  $31 for food and $23 for the hat.  Not to bad since we had 3 of us to buy for.

 Warming up for the game.

 Grounds crew preparing for the game.

 Astros warming up

 We were sitting right behind the on deck circle for the Nationals.

 Former Platter singing the National Anthem.

 First and third base coaches.

 My yucky soda.  Where was my beer?  Came at the beginning of the 4th inning.

 Mark DeRosa!!!!

The look says it all.  The Nationals didn’t win.

We spent $54 on 2 diet sodas, 1 fry, 2 beers, and 1 ball cap.  That was $18 per person to see basically a big league game.  I am not counting the tickets as they were a gift.  Not bad all in all.  If you like baseball and live in Arizona, Florida, or are going to either place for vacation this is a great way to enjoy an afternoon and see some major league players in a laid back environment.


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