The canopy that could

We are heading out later today to go so the Washington Nationals play the Houston Astros.  It is the Nationals opening day of Spring training!  Yippee!  I love going to opening day for Spring training.  Of course I am getting pretty sick and tired of the National Baseball team ownership being a bunch of babies threatening to leave the Space Coast.  I would think they would appreciate having fans.

I grew up a Cub fan.  Yes I know….Anyway, I am 3rd generation and love them, but that being said, I am also an Oakland A’s fan.  Been that way since the 70’s as a kid watching them play on TV.  We moved down here from Michigan not quite 13 years ago.  I have adopted Tampa Bay Rays as my local team, but we live in the Space Coast and are very proud of our Washington Nationals.  My husband is buying himself a hat and maybe I can get him to get me one too.  I will take pictures and post in the next couple of days.

I have to tell you about the canopy we bought for the back yard. We bought a canopy at Big Lots.  The 10 X 12 octagon shaped one.  The original price was $269 and we paid $199.  That was a $70 savings!  We put this up the following Saturday.  We had our normal issues, but also a lot of fun putting this together.

This took about 3 hours from start to finish.  Of course Courtney helped. 

We bought this for a few reasons.  The first reason was to enjoy the outside most of the year.  This house did not come with an inclosed porch.  We live in Central Florida and mosquitoes are awful even in town most of the year.  You know though, that this can’t be the only reason we would be willing to plunk down $200.  You can see the huge sliding glass door in both pictures.  The house faces due east.  We get the sun pouring in this door most of the time.  During the summer that sliding glass door acts as a  magnet and my wood floor is an ant.  It just raises the temperature in our house at least 10 degrees.

If course it will be a wonderful place for our bird and cat to hide out from the mean ole mocking birds that attack them.  The shade from it will lso protect my plants from the strong Florida sun.

The day after we put this up we had the windiest day I have seen in such a long time.  It was crazy!  We do have a small tear in a seam, but that is okay.  I will be fixing it. Today is also very windy too.  Also overcast.  It has been a really weird winter.  We had one frost.  Not unhappy about it.  We had to use the A/C more than the heat.  We wouldn’t have used either, but my parents are here and my Dad seems to be a thermometer rather than a thermostat.  He seems to have no tolerance for heat or cold.

They will be leaving tomorrow and it will be bittersweet.  I have learned so much good and bad by spending so much time with them.  I have also learned that my husband is a saint.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Please keep the Midwest and south in your prayers.  The weather has been terrible and they have went through so much with tornadoes and devastating weather.  This is the link to the Red Cross.  They will need lots of help during this devastating time.


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