It works! It WORKS!

Dish Soap?  I have been buying dishwashing liquid for years, just like everyone else out there.  Yes I know it is better to use the dishwasher, but there are just so many items that can not be washed in a dishwasher.  Once I fill up my sink to wash dishes it is a crime to just waste the water after the few dishes that can’t be washed  in a dishwasher are done.  My golden rule is normally one dishwasher load per day and the rest should be hand washed.  Most of the time it is only Chris and myself in the house and that makes this pretty easy.   My parents are here so I do two loads in the dishwasher most days.  If you have kids at home you do what you got to do.

Lately I have been really unhappy with the quality of dishwashing liquid that I have been using.  I have bought Dawn, Palmalive, Gain, and Aldi’s brand.  Not one of these produced suds or cleaning power beyond a sinkfull of dishes. Who knew that phosphates were so important to store bought dishwashing liquid?  I finally got fed up and decided to make my own,  I searched blog site after blog site.  There are so many different types of recipes with so many of the same ingredients that I just wrote the ingredients down and played.

The majority of recipes called for Castile soap and water.  A few others added washing soda or baking soda, vinegar and other types of soap for the base.  I wanted something that could clean a glass, plastic ware, and a skillet quickly and easily.  It also needed to last for a couple of loads of dishes and cut grease.  My first attempt didn’t work so well.  I had a picture and my camera ate it.  I made a small amount and it had clumps of washing soda that didn’t dissolve.  It didn’t cut grease and made no suds.

My second attempt was a winner.  I have used it the past week and it does everything I asked of it, but have suds.  That is something I just have to get used to, but the dishes are clean and my dishcloth came out of the water with no grease on it.  I was able wipe down my counters without leaving a grease trail.

These are the majority of the ingredients that I chose to work with.  I knew the soap base can’t get any gentler than Castile (Dr. Bronners).  The vinegar makes things shine.  The washing soda cuts grease and tea tree oil is an antiseptic.  Now what is not shown is the HOT water, and the essential oil.

Once this was combined I immediately tried it. The hardest part of this is the no suds.  I learned from the first time that you mix the washing soda with hot water completely.  Otherwise the washing soda clumps and is basically useless.

The finished product in a recycled Aldi brand dishwashing soap container.  I was amazed at how well this worked.  If you wanted to you can add food coloring to color the product.

I added a few drops of lavender essential oil for me.

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

1 Cup hot water
2 Tbsp washing soda
1/2  Cup vinegar
1/2 tsp tea tree oil
1/2 Cup Castile soap

1.    In a liquid measuring cup put 1 cup of hot water.  Add washing soda and stir until dissolved.
2.    Using a funnel put vinegar, tea tree oil, and castile soap into bottle.
3.    When hot water and washing soda have cooled add to bottle and shake until mixed.

Use a squirt in the sink with water and use as per normal.

Let me know how this works for you!  Please feel free to share your ideas on how to make this better!


I have used this for the past few weeks and am still not satisfied with the grease cutting ability.  Not in any way, shape, or form!  I will repost when I am completely satisified.
I am very sorry that this is not working to my satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “It works! It WORKS!”

    1. Thank you Robert for the suggestion, but I disagree. The solution didn’t work nearly as well until the vinegar was added. The recipe I was using was one of many I attempted in different spots on the tub. This was the one that actually worked.

      1. Then leave out the soap and washing soda. There’s no way soap or washing soda could add to the effect of vinegar, only subtract from it. Soap + vinegar –> fatty acid, which just deposits on stuff. Washing soda + vinegar –> fizz + sodium acetate. The fizz goes away after it’s been mixed a while, or it’d blow up the bottle, and the sodium acetate does nothing.

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