Making my world smell amazing

 Happy Valentines day all!  Isn’t is a beautiful day with love in the air?  My husband got  2 more solar panels so guess where he was?  In the backyard making them work.  So I have been working in the kitchen to make a little thing called  fake Fabreeze.  I got the idea and most of the recipe off of Pinterest.  For some reason I can’t seem to add their web address onto my blog’s home page, but this thing is AWESOME!!!!

The web address of the actual recipe is  Now I followed her advice except I made this with homemade fabric softener.  I also had to use just a little more fabric softener.

There are many ideas out there for air freshener.  Most use rubbing alcohol or vodka.  These work fine I am sure, but I would prefer to drink my vodka or make vanilla or orange oil than make air freshener.  I have attempted the rubbing alcohol air fresheners and I just end up with headaches.

 This is why I got so excited to make this. No head aches and there are so many better uses for my vodka.

This just takes fabric softener and baking soda.  Water too.

Each time I find these recipes I have to work them until they work for me.  I suggest you do the same.  Every recipe needs your finger print,  That being said, I used home made fabric softener, but you don’t have to.  You can use any kind of fabric softener that you choose.  The only thing that this will do is change the scent and cost more.

The only tools you will need are a spray bottle and a set of measuring spoons.  A funnel is a great tool too.  I am a mess sometimes!
Fake Fabreeze
3 tbsp fabric softener
2 tbsp baking soda
Water to fill
I put the 2 tbsp’s of baking soda in first and then the fabric softener.  Then added hot tap water about a third of the bottle full.  I then covered the top of bottle and shook until the baking soda was dissolved.  I then added hot tap water to the fill line.
The finished product.

It works better to me.  The smell is not as strong and after the smell disappears the air is fresh and clean. It is nearly as nice as opening the windows.  I spray my bedding and living room furniture.  This stuff has to work as I have 2 dogs and a cat.

Now on the fake it frugal blog there was quite a discussion as to how safe this was.  The amount of fabric softener in this is very small.  You are spraying mostly water.  If this is a concern to you, don’t spray your furniture.  Spray bedding or other items that can be washed.  It doesn’t cost all that much and you choose the fragrance.   I am looking for a cheap conditioner to make my fabric softener that has lavender.  I love spraying my pillows with lavender.


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