Winter garden

Hello all,  Just took pictures of my little garden.  It is a beautiful day here in Central Florida.  We started growing this a couple of weeks ago.

 This is a picture of our garden.  We are learning how to garden here in Central Florida.  I tried by myself and then Chris tried.  Now teamwork is reigning.  This is a picture of tomato plants, green peppers, broccoli, and cucumber plants

The plants were pretty cheap. We bought the closest tomato plants and the green peppers for a $1 each at Walmart as distressed plants.  We already have tomatoes and green peppers with fruit on the plants.  The broccoli and cucumbers were 6 plants for $3.50 each.

 This is a picture of the rest of the garden.  We have lettuce on the far right.  There are onion bulbs that are growing, green onions, more onions, green beans, and garlic growing along with lots of tomatoes. 

This group was the cheapest of all.  The lettuce plants were 2 seed packets for $2 each, the onion bulbs were $1.59, the green onions were free, the green bean seeds were from 2 years ago, and the garlic bulbs were ones that were going bad in my house.

 This is my lettuce mix.  It has 5 different types of lettuce.  At the very top of the page is spinach.  I normally grow my lettuce in large bowls instead of in a garden. I cut the lettuce every couple of days and make a fresh salad from it. Or I will when it is ready.  

This is my little project.  Not with pretty planters and stuff, but one day there will be.  This consists of 2 pineapple plants started from a couple of fresh pineapples.  It seems that lettuce likes growing with the pineapple as one of the pots have lettuce growing inside of the pot.  I keep cutting and eating it. 

There is an avocado tree growing in the middle. Started this from a seed.  Not sure if it will ever bear fruit, but it will make a decent tree in my yard.

I have a bowl of cilantro, a pot of parsley, and some arugula.

A word on the green onions.  A friend of mine told me don’t keep buying scallions.  Buy the green onions, chop the green top off and plant the bulb.  I did it and we were harvesting the greens for most of the year.  Hopefully we will get so many tomatoes out of this garden that I can can it all. 

Not pictured yet are the aloe plant and rosemary bush planted out by our back fence.  I also have 2 pretty basil plants, a french thyme, and a spearmint plant.  Those we bought from South Brevard Nursery and the are looking great.  I need to re-pot them.  Once they are I will post. 

I know this isn’t fair to all of you living where it is cold, but I couldn’t help myself.  It looks so like spring.  Here’s hoping your Spring won’t be far behind!


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